Staying on Time: Don’t Make Your Patients Wait

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Staying on Time: Don’t Make Your Patients Wait

When patients complain about medical care, the most popular complaint is that they have to wait for too long in the waiting room. A recent study by Fierce Practice Management showed many facts and figures about this problem:

  • 65% of people participating in the survey reported that they had to wait over an hour to see their physician
  • 37% of people participating in the survey said that when they had to wait that long, they were rushed, and they felt that they did not have as good of an experience
  • 70% were not told that there would be a delay or that they would have to wait longer
  • 55% said they never received an apology for having to wait so long

If you are just starting out in a medical practice, you need to be aware of how long you are taking with each patient and whether or not you are staying on schedule. You may want to suggest that a white board be hung up where you and your co-workers can keep track of the waiting time. If you are causing a delay, make sure you inform your patients!

It can be difficult to stay on schedule. This is especially true when patients add an item to their visit. There may be many other reasons for a delay. We all know that things happen. The point is to not make a habit of it, and if you do have to make your patients wait, at least give them the courtesy of letting them know and apologizing for the delay.